Large plum tomatoes grown on trellised 300' rows in Amherst Ma  they are clean. 

No chemicals used. 

Come pick them or  pick up a pre-picked bucket or two. 

24-7 serve yourself.

Put money in the yellow cash column next to the yellow cooler sales shed. 

Pre-picked buckets are $5 and $10  (ten lb and 20 lb buckets). 

Return the buckets when you can. 

Questions call Bill Gillen's cell 413 374 5193  or email bill@sunsetfarm.us


We have other varieties too, yellow, cherry, beefsteak , rutgers.

Silver queen corn.

$4 / dozen  heirloom new england variety. 

We will be harvesting till about sept 15, then we will dry it and sell it for cornmeal, white lightning , chicken feed.


potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, okra, cut flowers, beans, beets, chard, kale, watermelon and cantaloupe, spaghetti squash, cukes, zukes, eggplants several types, peppers including hot jalapeno and cherry peppers, sorrel, weeds